NASA Workplace Lactation Program Discussion

April 4th, 2017

NASA Workplace Lactation Program Panel

Our Lactation Consultant Carolina Pimenta was one of the Guest Speakers of #NASA Workplace Lactation Program Panel Discussion. Carolina Pimenta taught her Return-to-Work  Class, by educating mothers and staff on how to balance work with breastfeeding, advantages for extended breastfeeding for mothers and employers, how to pump and store breast milk and manage breast milk supply. NASA supports their employees by providing lactation sites and time for mothers to breast pump while they are at work, so they can continue to breastfeeding. And by supporting other mothers through the Super-Mom program. Check our presence here.

Does your employer has a Corporate Lactation Program? Or are you an employer looking on how to be compliant with the Healthcare Law? Then, check our Corporate Lactation Program and contact us today to learn how can you meet these needs with our support.