Breastfeeding Classes

Breastfeeding is a natural process with many benefits for mom and baby, which sometimes does not come so easily. Nevertheless, with knowledge your experience will be rewarding.

Why pay more for disease, when prevention cost less?

It has been identified that the vast majority of first-time mothers have early breastfeeding problems, coupled with “low-confidence”. Because, they do not receive adequate assistance in the primary care setting.Thus, it results in early formula use and reducing breastfeeding duration and exclusivity. If 90% of US families complied with the medical recommendations to breastfeed exclusively for 6 months, 13 billion could be saved and approximately 900 infant deaths could be prevented annually.

Join Carolina Pimenta, IBCLC, RN: a Lactation Consultant/Nurse specialist to learn the latest evidence related to breastfeeding(lactation).

The breastfeeding classes are held at your home/office privately or with a group of at least 4 mothers in a public space. Partners are encouraged to attend. Research shows that the support of the lactating mother by her partner, increases greatly her success in achieve her breastfeeding goals. Thus, decreasing the financial costs with healthcare for the new family.

    • Getting Started with Breastfeeding: This breastfeeding class will provide information to help you get off to a great start to nourish your baby. The topics included are latch, positioning, physiology of breastfeeding and benefits of it, and other helpful advice for a successful start.
    • Working and Breastfeeding: This breastfeeding class will teach you how to manage work with breastfeeding. The topics include advantages for extended breastfeeding for couplet and for employer; how to pump and store breast milk; manage breast milk supply and the best way to alternatively feed your baby.
    • Starting Solids: Are you confused when to introduce solids to your baby? Then, learn the evidence based facts when to start complimentary foods to your infant. The topics include what foods to start, when, how, how much and other helpful advice about solid foods.

Breastfeeding Classes