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Carolina Pimenta- Howard Lactation Consultant

Carolina Pimenta, Board Certified Lactation Nurse Consultant (IBCLC)

Our Lactation Consultant provides all the lactation services you need through your breastfeeding journey, whether you are a novice or an experienced mother. Check our different services and call us today.

If you are looking for holistic lactation services and support for mothers and babies with compassionate breastfeeding care, get in touch with  Carolina Pimenta – Howard Lactation Consultant and sign up for her lactation consultations or classes today.

She offers lactation packages which include services like postpartum and prenatal lactation classes: return to work and introduction of solids classes, baby care workshop and lactation consults: prenatal, postnatal, extended and weaning; tongue-tie and lip-tie assessment.

It is recommended for mothers to consult a board certified lactation consultant for issues such as uncomfortable nursing, weight gain, milk supply and output issues, feeding premature and late term babies, etc. Mindfulness Lactation Care offers holistic breastfeeding evidence based care on Howard, Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Carrol and Montgomery counties. Our experienced  Howard Board Certified Lactation Consultant is ready to support you with compassionate breastfeeding care. Carolina Pimenta, IBCLC accepts Aetna and Tricare. For the others insurances she provides a super bill for reimbursement. Contact us Today to get your breastfeeding needs taken care of.
Phone: (410) 937-6827

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