Corporate Lactation Program

The objective of our Corporate Lactation Program is to help your businesses meet the healthcare requirements, managing your lactation center and integrating its use into your existing wellness program.
The benefits of the Corporate Lactation Program for your company  is to retain female employees with lower turnover and absenteeism rates, decrease health care costs for your company and its employees and increase higher productivity and morale of your employees.

We offer a complete selection of standard and customized lactation programs for businesses to offer for their employees. Our programs provide excellent, up-to-date, researched-based, information and support for women who are returning to work while maintaining breastfeeding. Mindfulness Lactation Care is here to make health care law compliance efficient and cost effective for your business. We will make your life easier by managing your lactation center and integrating its use into your existing wellness program. Our lactation consultant will meet all of your workplace needs efficiently and cost effectively.

With industrialization and urbanization, the time and space challenges become more prominent. Breastfeeding mothers who work outside the home need to manage these challenges and be supported by its employers. Mindfulness Lactation Care is here to support your company by helping the breastfeeding mothers of your company  to manage these challenges. With support from our Corporate Lactation Program on the workplace, your company can meet the needs of the healthcare law compliance.

Our Corporate Lactation Program provides assistance with setting up a work site lactation center; advise on appropriate breast pump equipment for employed breastfeeding women; advise on appropriate resources for supporting breastfeeding employees; teach on-site prenatal and postpartum breastfeeding and working classes; provide back-to-work consultation for employees returning to work; provide one-on-one lactation consultant education and support services to new mothers.

Worksite Lactation Support