Lactation Consultant Fees

IBCLC Aetna provider

IBCLC Aetna and Tricare provider

Lactation Gift Certificates available

Do you know a mother-to-be? Give her the gift of breastfeeding knowledge and health. She and her baby will be reward with all the benefits of breastfeeding for years to coming.

Be a Hero for your Baby!!!
Give the gift of Breastfeeding to your Baby and learn the Secret Sauce about breastfeeding and how to bond with your precious bundle of joy!!!
Know that you make a difference in your child’s life every day. Your actions are powerful and important to your baby !!!
Breastfeeding is a natural process with many benefits for mom and baby, which sometimes does not come so easily. Nevertheless, with knowledge your experience will be rewarding !!!


Discount and payment plan available for WIC eligible moms.


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  • Classes Package: 1 private Breastfeeding Class and 1 Baby Care Workshop
  • Lactation Package I: 1 office prenatal and 1 home postnatal visit
  • Lactation Package II: 1 home postnatal lactation visit with a home follow-up
  • Lactation Package III: 1 private Breastfeeding Class, 1 home Postpartum consult and 1 home follow-up visit
  • Lactation Package IV: 1 office Postpartum consult and 1 office follow-up visit
  • Lactation Package V: 1 Breastfeeding Class, 1 Office Postpartum consult and 1 office follow-up visit.

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