Latch Clinic

It has been identified that the vast majority of first-time mothers have early breastfeeding problems, coupled with “low-confidence”. Because, they do not receive adequate assistance in the primary care setting. Breastfeeding is a natural process with many benefits for mom and baby, which sometimes does not come so easily. Nevertheless, with knowledge and support  from our experienced Lactation Consultant your experience will be rewarding.

The Latch Clinic offers an affordable cost to work on breastfeeding issues such as latch, check pump function, weight checks, or just a basic breastfeeding “check-up” for reassurance. Mothers should consider attending if they are still working on minor problems (e.g., uncomfortable nursing or long feedings with adequate weight gain), or if they need follow-up after an initial private consultation.
The Latch Clinic is designed for mothers who do not need a private one-on-one consultation, but need more guidance and problem solving than is possible in a larger support meeting. If I find that the mother/baby situation requires more intensive one-on-one help, or they are dealing with multiple issues, then a full postpartum consult may be suggested.
The Latch Clinic is a 30 min session for mother/baby pair. Reserve your spot registering here.


Latch Clinic

Wednesday/Friday 1:15 – 2:45pm

Mindfulness Lactation Care

Ellicott City MD 21043