Online Lactation Consult

The Online Lactation Consult is ideal for those that want to have access to lactation services for an affordable price with the convenience of their home. In addition, it is a great option if you live in a place without a Board Certified Lactation Consultant access. Or, you are in bed-rest and need to get assistance from an expert in breastfeeding management in a timely manner.

You can see our bilingual lactation consultant face-to-face by a private, secure, HIPAA compliant tool that allows to safely and confidentially address common issues associated with breastfeeding. Our Lactation Consultant can provide help on a number of issues such as pumping questions, medicine or procedure reference, latching, breast pain due to feeding issues, questions about milk supply and weaning. She also provides online breastfeeding classes.

The Online Lactation Consult consists of  history of the mother/baby with a holistic assessment and evaluation of baby and/or mother. An individualized holistic plan of care with handouts are provided.

Our initial appointments are 50 minutes in length and our follow up appointments are 25 minutes in length.

More employers and health plans are adding tele-health as a benefit. Contact your Human Resources department or health insurance company to see if your visit is covered.

Online Lactation Consult