I do not usually write reviews unless I truly believe that someone is excellent at what they do. In this case, I owe to write about my experience with my second child and Carolina coming to my rescue. I was not one that breastfeeding came naturally to. It was hard and painful, (well that was before Carolina came in the picture). She was patient, gentle and understood my needs as a mother. She showed me how to better position myself and helped my baby. She called me every day to check on me (which was so nice and comforting). I would definitely recommend her. (I personally would not go to anyone else except her!!!) Rev C. December 2012


Carolina was very helpful guiding me during my pregnancy, giving great tips before I started breastfeeding. When my baby was born, she was amazing, very patience, and determined to teach me how to breast feed effectively. She was able to answer my questions and made my breastfeeding experience very rewarding and pleasant.
Thanks so much!!! Manu C. March 2013


Thanks so much for all your advice and support!! Angela S. June 2013


Thank you for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it. Happy Holidays. Love, Tam November, 2013


Carolina was very thorough and caring. She helped me improve my breastfeeding skills. Thank you so much for your assistance, help and education. Warm regards, Amy T. February 2014


Thank you so much for your help. Kimberly C. April 2014


Thanks for the information!! Leigh R. June 2014


Thank you for your help. The LC at the hospital and the RN both commented that they wish more woman really took the time to research and give themselves the best chance!
Thanks for everything.  Kelly T. August 2014


Thank you for the information! I learned a great deal about breastfeeding and its benefits. Carol had several props and walked through breastfeeding scenarios. I hope I can put into practice what I learned. She made herself available for any questions or concerns I might have during my soon-to-come breastfeeding journey. Thank you Carol for the awesome class! Mariangela M. August 2014


Your insight and all are very much appreciated. Thanks a lot! Nina, August 2014


Thanks again for all of your assistance! Giordana S. September 2014


Thank you for all your emails and phone calls. Sonia B. September 2014


I really appreciated your assistance, when I was in such need. I’ll keep you in mind, if I know anyone who needs lactation advice. Thanks again. Nicole H. February 2015


Thank you for your suggestions!!! Amy G. February 2015


I wished you worked at the hospital and was there to help me. I really appreciate you come here to help me. Thank you so much for checking up on my baby and I. We are doing so much better! We got his tongue tie clipped and that has made all the difference. We are nursing now around the clock without pain. Thank you so much for all your help and assistance. Wendy O. April, 2015


I truly appreciate all your help. Jennifer Y. April 2015


Thank you for all of your support, it has given me the confidence that I can do this. Cary M., April 2015


Thank you for your help. Megan, May 2015.


Breastfeeding did not come naturally to me or my son. When we first came home from the hospital, we had another IBCLC lined up to help get us on track. This other IBCLC canceled on me last moment, did not do a thorough evaluation of my son and I and did not answer my questions and follow ups ( either no response or 6+ days to tell me she would ‘look into it’) and her fee was a surprise at the end and quite expensive since out visit was mostly me listening to her talk about herself. Needless to say it wasn’t helpful and as a newly postpartum first time mom, I was overwhelmed, sleep deprived and in pain struggling to nurse my newborn. I felt discouraged and was on the brink of giving up on breastfeeding.
Then I found Carolina. I called Carolina at my wits end on a Saturday. She scheduled to come the next morning–a Sunday. Upfront, she directed me to her website to let me know what to say to my insurance to try and get the visit covered. I lucked out and had Aetna which Carolina could bill directly.
The first thing my husband and I noticed was how professional Carolina carried herself. After introductions, she listened to the struggles my husband and I were having getting our baby to breastfeed and then did a very thorough evaluation of my newborn’s mouth, positioning, and body alignment. She also evaluated my breasts and nipples and how the baby attempted to latch on. After figuring out what our issues were (and there were a lot- over supply, fast letdown, tongue tie, lip tie, mild torticollis, reflux, etc) she got down to business explaining each issue and things we can try and do to help correct them. She made sure both my husband and I understood the techniques when we did them and never seemed bothered when we would ask her to show us again or repeat herself. She gave us recommendations for ENT and DDS doctors to correct the tongue and lip ties and suggestions for craniosacral therapists to help with the bodywork my son needed.
Once the visit was over, she gave us a folder with handouts of the things we spoke about and a sense that i could and would be able to exclusively breastfeed like I wanted. She followed up quickly with copies of everything we spoke about on ‘box’. Box is a secure online site where she could keep in touch and stay within Hipaa guidelines. In box, she kept in contact with me and was able to tweak or offer more suggestions and gave me activities to do with my son to help our breastfeeding relationship. Box was especially helpful since once Carolina walked out our door quite a bit of the knowledge left with her in my sleep deprived state. Box offered a place where I could look things back up to refresh my memory.
Overall, I would highly recommend Carolina of Mindfulness Lactation Care to any new mom planning on breastfeeding. She also runs a 1x a month breastfeeding cafe in Columbia where expectant, new and breastfeeding moms get together to support one another. My son and I have definitely benefited from our experiences and were able to hit our 6 month goal of exclusively breastfeeding before offering solids. I know this goal was met from the help we received from Carolina. Thanks for all the resources, tips and follow-up information. My husband and I think you were so thorough and efficient. Christina F. May, 2015.


Thank you so much for your help. My daughter is latching much better and the pain has also improved. Emily H., May 2015.


Thank you so much for helping us get my baby back on track to his birth weight. Thank you for your help in regaining confidence. Tyra W. May 2015.


Thank you for all your help! Jessica L. July 2015.


I really appreciate all of your help. Amy B. Aug 2015.


Thank you for your help! Kim P. Sept 2015.


Thank you for your help! Today my son had his lip tie released, and was able to nurse for the first time and now I have too much milk supply, which is a good thing. Courtney W. Sept 2015.

I knew breastfeeding wasn’t going to be easy but the difficulty I was having I was sure was not normal. I found Carolina just searching online, it was easy to get an appointment with her. After the initial appointment, I admit I was overwhelmed with how much I didn’t know about breastfeeding. The info she gave me helped understand about lip and tongue tie the doctors I’d spoken to made it seem more of a cosmetic procedure but the more I looked into it the more I knew it was a real issue. I was good to have someone else understand that it was something that would really effect my child’s growth and positive breastfeeding experience. We ended up having the tongue and lip tie revisions at the recommendation of Carolina and it has made a night and day difference in the success of breastfeeding for us. That along with how to position baby while feeding really helped. Carolina was upfront with her fees and made sure that we had a copy of all the info by sending it via email as well as sending her report to our pediatrician. I also went to the group in Columbia and it was great to chat with other breastfeeding moms and their babies to swap advice on all things new mom related. His is great for moms in all situations not only the stay-at-home variety but back- to- work- too- soon moms like me too.  Ana G. October, 2015.

I attended a breastfeeding group meet up hosted by Mindfulness Lactation. I enjoyed it and will attend again. It was very helpful to meet others and share experiences with an IBCLC present.  Jennie D. October, 2015

We had just been released from the hospital postpartum. We are extremely thankful for Carolina Pimenta’s willingness to visit us on a Saturday and help us figure out how to do the breastfeeding successfully. Her help was much more focused than all the lactation support at the hospital combined. Follow up was also clear and timely.Thank you for teaching us how to use a nipple shield. This was very useful in the beginning. Thank you also for teaching us sucking exercises. We are glad our son is now able to feed efficiently. Kathrina R. Dec, 2015

Thank you so much for your help, breastfeeding is going great! I’m glad that we found you at the most needed moment and were able to solve the problem. Oyla S. March, 2016

Excellent Customer Service, Environment, Quality, Wait Time. Mom and baby benefited so much from the time and care provided. Many thanks. Grandma of Leo S. March, 2016

Hi Carolina, Thanks so much for coming today. I appreciate you making the trip. Thank you again for your assistance. Sabrina F. April, 2016

I appreciated Carolina’s services. She was able to identify a lip and tongue tie in my son which when fixed let to significant improvements in breastfeeding. I am so grateful for her knowledge. Rachel H. July, 2016

Hi Carolina, Breastfeeding is going fine. Thanks for following up! Julie M. July, 2016

Hi Carolina, I am thankful for everything. Ashley W. July, 2016

Carolina we are doing well. She had her tongue tie snipped yesterday. Thanks again for your help. Patricia P. August, 2016

Carolina was very thorough with the initial check up and identified issues we were not previously aware of when attempting to breastfeed with poor results. It was a relief to find out there were things we could do. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with your services. You were very thorough and offered lots of suggestions for me to try (which I really appreciate).Meagan D. Aug, 2016

Thank you for sending the follow up information and recommendations. It was very nice meeting you and very helpful everything we went over. Jennifer R. October, 2016