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Carolina Pimenta - Howard Lactation ConsultantI am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and the owner of Mindfulness Lactation Care on Howard County. I’m also a Maryland Registered Nurse, a Birth Activist and a Reiki Practitioner. My language skills span English, Portuguese and Spanish.

I started my passion for breastfeeding and childbirth, while I was still in college. I loved to teach prenatal breastfeeding classes for the new mothers-to-be empowering them with knowledge. As a Registered Nurse, the only area that appeals to me is Maternal Child. This field is where my inner soul is.

My experience is a culmination of 9 years supporting mothers with breastfeeding services. I had worked as a Maternal Child Health Nurse in prenatal, labor and delivery, postpartum and nursery. I have been assisting mothers and babies to achieve their breastfeeding and childbirth goals mindfully.

As a Lactation Consultant I had seen more than 900 breastfeeding mother-baby in a hospital setting and her private practice. She is an Aetna in-network provider and a Tricare non-network authorized provider.

Our Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Carolina Pimenta has been supporting many mother-infant couplets with lactation services such as:

  • Prenatal assessment and counseling.
  • Postnatal breastfeeding assessment and counseling;
  • Positioning and latch of an infant;
  • Prevention and management of maternal concerns such as: breast pain and engorgement, mastitis, thrush, flat and inverted nipples, maternal breast surgery.
  • Establishing and increasing milk production;
  • Induced lactation and re-lactation
  • Premature and near term infants;
  • Infants with physical disabilities such as cleft lip palate; tongue-tie and lip-tie and other oral dysfunction.
  • Suck difficulties that interfere with breastfeeding;
  • Assisted mothers to build confidence to breastfeed, for as long as the dyad desired.
  • Provided supportive breastfeeding measures, when mother and baby were separated.
  • Supported mothers to meet their  breastfeeding goals.

Why choose me as your Lactation Consultant?  I am a trained expert in the clinical management of breastfeeding. The IBCLC credential is the gold-standard in breastfeeding care. I had a thorough lactation education, completed a lactation-specific clinical internship and passed an international board examination.  In addition, I must re-certify every 5 years and retest every 10 years, so I can keep my expertise up-to-date and continue to provide the latest evidence based care for you and your family. I currently have 245 Lactation, 6 Ethics and 40 R CERPS.

As a mother of two kids, Carolina Pimenta really enjoyed breastfeeding her kids for more than 5 years. This is why not only she can speak as a Board Certified Lactation Consultant, but as a loving mother herself. On her spare time, she loves to practice yoga, zumba, to read, to pray and spend time with her family and friends.

IBCLC Aetna provider

Carolina Pimenta, IBCLC, RN, BSN it is an active member of:

International Lactation Consultant Association

International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA)

United States Lactation Consultant Association

United States Lactation Consultant Association (USLCA)

Maryland Coalition of Lactation Consultants

Maryland Coalition of Lactation Consultants

Maryland Breastfeeding Coalition

Maryland Breastfeeding Coalition (MBC)

Maryland Birth Network

Maryland Birth Network